About Me

I am so glad you have made it here and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding celebration!


Nicole in front of barrels of wine carrying a small stereo, smiling and working away!
Photo from Taylor Dawning


Let me tell you more about me, and how I ended up here of all places! I grew up between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. Growing up, I loved all things that allowed me to learn more every day. I went off to university to do just that, and worked through a Biology degree. Midway through, I took a year off. In that year, I decided to try my hand at wedding planning. It was a spectacular start, but I didn't keep going with it just yet. I still had my degree to finish. Throughout university I continued to see my love for event planning and helping others be happy show up in my volunteering, various clubs, and organizations. I graduated with my degree in Biology, and went on to get my teaching certificate for secondary science teaching. Yay, into teaching I went!


Still, I couldn't forget that I love so many more things than just science. Along came the big year of 2020. I lost my position in teaching due to the pandemic, and turned to remote work from home where I could develop my coaching and leadership skills for an online business technology company. Here I was able to have the space and time to really reflect on where my passion lies and how I could harness those passions for the things I love! I reengaged with wedding planning, and found the spark that I needed.


I want to find amazing people, with unexpected pathways that led them to their partner or through life with their partner, and they want to celebrate that and tell that story in their event. 


Wooden “Happily every after starts here” sign 


So here we are! A scientist who loves a beautiful flower, a great event, and being always authentic to ourselves now and in the future. 


I can't wait to hear about you!
- Nicole -